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Tennessee Williams


Ist Place Winner in the 2016 Poetry Contest
Flower Conroy

“(You) realize I wasn’t painting the physical you, but the spirit visible to me.”
Tennessee Williams


Flushed Brush Strokes Where I Left Imaginary Caresses

Smatter of blue—as of a pen exploded down a starched shirt--& contrail.
I measure everything—this stretch of beach, the delirious length your thigh,

the porch’s sun-baked peeling paint—by how long it takes the moon
to answer me.  When I glimpse you stepping from the shower or combing

your hair from your face it is as if I’ve looked into a fire’s iris.  I am seared.
So what I’m blinded by your colors, so what I’m dumbstruck at your neck,

the shells around your neck, your toes with their little pubes of hair.  Can’t
I love as foolishly as I want?  The water hushes along the shore, no end

to its whisperings.  Open your mouth.  Taste this—doesn’t this fruit taste
of sunshine’s brilliance silvering the waves, like a bell cutting the air, isn’t

it upon your tongue, what lava dreams?  Reduced to inkblot, to dark pool,
can’t I worship – if I want to worship—a shadow below the green surface?

Serve—if I wish to serve—a rag bright as an apple?
Paint you into a storm of moths if I want you--

2nd Place Winner in the 2016 Poetry Contest
Bud Navero


The Touch

 For T.W.

This quiet morning
in the freshening air
is quite like those  they shared
behind the perfect red shutters
on Duncan

wind chimes in the pliant breeze
arouse a languid day of
dirty quips and cocktails
of dripping hips and coca butter scenes
so deliberately lost
in the shade of the traveller’s palm

regrets withheld
beyond the splashing laughs
lingered like the cat in his lap

and so
he’d sit and sip
beyond the jasmine pool
applying daubs and drips of

conniving in the know

alone together
then as

the words
the wit
the light